In His Presence VR

IHP VR was founded by Brenda Colonna – former Comedian and Spiritual Seeker and Philip Plough - Entertainment Executive and Technology Entrepreneur, to develop Christian experiences utilizing the latest virtual reality and gaming engines to create intimate and immersive face-to-face experiences with Jesus Christ.


There is a time for everything that is needful in life. A time for eating, a time for working, a time for learning, serving, and sharing joy with your loved ones. But most of all, there is ALWAYS time for meditation and prayer.  Immersing yourself in IHP VR experiences creates a pattern for seekers to carve out a space and a time each day to devote themselves to God.
Brenda Colonna, Founder



IHP VR is excited to announce the Fall 2017 release of The Ascension, a Christian meditation experience for Oculus Rift and Vive.

You can now Immerse yourself face-to-face with Jesus Christ, as he guides you through a spiritual journey of ascension to the Kingdom of Heaven.


The Ascension was developed exclusively for VR using the latest Unreal Engine gaming platform to create a truly intimate visual and audio experience with Christ.



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For Mobile VR [Christmas 2017]

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For ARkit (Apple) and ARcore (Google) (From Reality Virtual).  [Spring 2018]

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VR (From Reality Virtual) for Desktop and Mobile Headsets, Ultra-Realistic Experiences Using Photogrametry and Volumetric Video. [Spring 2018]


The Power of Virtual Reality

The demands of today’s fast-paced life like deciding what to eat for lunch, phone battery running out, keeping up your status updates on Twitter, or the addictive allure of photos of fantastic crafts on Pinterest.  You would not think it, but these tiny worries can easily add up to two hours or more of stress each day, not to mention trying to carve out time for your family and friends. Let alone time for your spiritual life…  


How can God fit into your crowded life with everything else on your plate?


Technology offered the promise of making your quality of life better by making simple tasks easier and more efficient, but that has not really been the case. 

Finding the balance between the demands of home, work life, and a lack of time spent on your relationship with God has never been more challenging.  Until now.


In His Presence VR Experiences will not cut down on the traffic during your daily commute. It will not respond to the, seemingly endless emails, piling up in your inbox. It will not get you to the gym once a week…


What the In His Presence VR experience WILL DO is immerse you in a place of solitude that will drown out the white noise of your daily routine. 


So that you can commune with God through the personal message of Christ the Savior.